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About Us

Our Story

Our story began In 2019, when Pastor Henry Tan, who himself were under drug addictions for his troubled past. One day, he had a vision of a place where individuals with tattoos, many of whom had been through the justice system, could turn to God. He shared this vision with like-minded individuals, and after prayer and dedication, the society was officially registered in Singapore.

The primary aim of Loving Hand Fellowship is to reach out to ex-offenders with the message of the gospel and extend a helping hand to them. This support includes assisting them in finding employment, connecting with a welcoming church community, and ultimately reintegrating into society.


Loving Hand Fellowship is a self-sustaining nonprofit organization that relies on the generosity of its volunteers, some of whom are Christian businesspeople and professionals. While it is not a church itself, it collaborates with evangelical churches, Christian organizations, and social agencies to pool resources and work together toward common goals.

Volunteers from Loving Hand Fellowship often visit prisons to provide Christian counseling. Through these sessions, they engage with inmates, gain insights into their challenges, and continue to support them upon their release.

Recovering from drug addiction is a difficult journey, and the strong pull of one's past can make it even more challenging. Many of the volunteers at Loving Hand Fellowship have walked a similar path as former addicts and prisoners, so they understand the struggles these individuals face. They are well-equipped to offer assistance in finding employment and enhancing employability through skill training. Additionally, they provide support to the families of those in need, offering financial assistance when required. The organization's commitment is to help everyone who seeks assistance, without any form of discrimination.

If you're reading this and feel inspired to join us on this challenging but rewarding journey, we warmly welcome your partnership and support. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of those seeking a second chance.