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Merry Christmas, bye-bye 2023...

Dear LHF Reader/Subscriber,

Our warmest festive regards to you! Merry Christmas and here’s to a fruitful 2024 coming your way! Many would regard 2023 as a year full of challenges and uncertainties, marked by major geopolitical conflicts/tensions (Russia/Ukraine, Israel/Hamas, and US/China tension), and the onslaught of climate change with heatwaves and extreme weather globally. These situations were further aggravated by economic uncertainties, such as the threat of high global interest rates, which brought forth recessionary pressures.

However, as the adage goes, even the worst day will eventually become ‘yesterday’. There is always hope for a better tomorrow and for the positive turn of better days to come. While we may not be able to fully control our situations, we can, to a certain extent, control how we perceive them and how we choose to respond.

As for LHF, we are thankful for several encouraging events that happened this year. LHF started our fortnightly 12-step Celebrate Recovery program, which has been well-received with a decent number of participants joining us. Our goals are to encourage participants to join us in a journey of self-discovery and awareness, and to offer some coping mechanisms for addiction or other bondages that our clients are facing. We are indeed honoured to have Dr. Fred Tok, a renowned psychologist, who willingly took up the role of our clinical supervisor in this endeavour. Our volunteer recruitment also bore positive results, with more volunteers joining us in our vision to offer help and support to ex-incarcerated offenders.

We took on the challenge to revamp our website to make it more engaging and lively, aiming to reach a wider audience who may contribute as volunteers or seek LHF’s support in their recovery journey. We set up an Editorial Board and are truly pleased to have two brothers, who were ex-incarcerated volunteers, contribute their creativity, IT talents, and skills. More importantly, they transitioned from someone who needed help to be helpers themselves. This is surely a firm statement of restored dignity and confidence in their recovery journey.

We thank God for sustaining us financially in our operations of the rehab shelter (i.e., CASA shelter) to house those ex-incarcerated individuals who need a roof over their heads or those who struggle in their drug recovery journey to prevent further substance abuse. The operational costs are high, and it is a faith journey that well-wishers will contribute generously to meet the expenses. We are thankful to a few charitable NGOs like ‘Food from the Heart’ and ‘Willing Hearts’ for sponsoring food and necessities to help us defray some costs.

LHF humbly acknowledges that we are only a relatively new Christian agency (2023 is our 3rd anniversary) appointed by Prison Services to collaborate in providing communal support through spiritual guidance, friendships, and mentoring; with the hope of reducing re-offending. The needs are many, the resources are never enough, but the passion continues…

By the LHF Editorial Board

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