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Recovery Journeys

Testimony of Kent Ho




Kent Ho was once admired as an outstanding student, a reliable employee, and a model teacher. However, he also grappled with drug addiction. Over a period of more than ten years, he was admitted to the drug rehabilitation center six times.

Once, Kent came perilously close to losing his life due to a devastating overdose of drugs. Despite that, he continued to struggle with his addiction. The turning point in his life came just before his sixth sentencing. His wife, driven by desperation, prayed fervently for him. In an extraordinary turn of events, his expected five-year sentence was astonishingly reduced to just six months.

This remarkable turn of events was witnessed by the couple as a manifestation of divine grace and miracles. This inspired Kent to change his ways. Now, he dedicates his time to volunteering in prisons, drawing from his personal journey to inspire and support other former drug users in their path to reformation and a fresh start.

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