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Testimony of Pastor Han Lay

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Yellow Ribbon Celebrating Second Chances Awards Ceremony Award Recipient - Tan Han Lay

Pastor Han Lay, honored with the Merit Achievement (Bronze) Award at the Yellow Ribbon Celebrating Second Chances Awards 2017, has a remarkable story of transformation.

Having faced a tumultuous past marked by recurrent imprisonments over 28 years, Pastor Han's life began to change direction. He encountered challenges early in life, dropping out of school in primary 5 and struggling with drug addiction from a young age. His time in prison was fraught with personal trials, including his father's cancer diagnosis and his brother's death sentence for drug trafficking.

However, it was within the confines of prison that Pastor Han found hope and direction. Thanks to the support and guidance of his prison counselors and Team Challenge, he acquired new skills. Starting his career journey as a cleaner, he demonstrated resilience and dedication, eventually advancing to a managerial role and later establishing his own business.

In a heartfelt video, Pastor Han shares his journey of giving back to the community. He discusses how he now employs ex-offenders in his business, offering them a chance for rehabilitation and a new start in life. Additionally, he extends his support to inmates and ex-offenders through counseling, contributing to their reintegration into society.

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